Note from the Director

The course descriptions presented herein are provided for convenience. However, they are subject to change. Students can consult with the instructor regarding the descriptions. Students should search and/or verify course availabilities and schedules by reviewing the UNM web link . For additional course descriptions, see the SCHOOL OF ENGINEERING within the UNM CATALOG.


ECE 529 - Semiconductor Process Integration and Test

This course consists of two self-contained modules. The first module introduces methods for integrating individual semiconductor processes into a modern technology. Links between the processes and techniques for insuring compatibility are studied. The second module covers topics in testing, both devices and circuits. A major topic is parametric tests that study test structures and are carried out during fabrication. (3Hr)


ECE 574L - Microelectronics Proc I

Materials science of semiconductors, microelectronics technologies, device/circuit fabrication, parasitics and packaging. Lab project features small group design/fabrication/testing of a simple MOS circuit.


ECE 595 - MEMS and Transducers 
Development and Technology

The goals of this course is to introduce students to MEMS devices, microsystems and their applications. The course will start with an introduction on the mechanical and electrical properties of materials commonly used in MEMS. The micro-fabrication processes, including bulk and surface micromachining processes for realization of these micro/nano transducers will be discussed, along with integration of MEMS with CMOS electronics. Some representative sensors and actuators, including capacitive & piezoelectric pressure sensors, mechanical resonators and filters, minimally invasive implantable medical devices, and biomedical lab-on-a-chip will be used to illustrate the capabilities & advantages of these miniaturized devices. Smart microfluidic devices will be used to illustrate how MEMS technology provides a unique channel to cellular level treatment & diagnosis. This course includes a design project, using 2-layer polysilicon MUMP process to design a MEMS transducer of student's own choice. This course also includes a lab session for students to fabricate a multichannel drug delivery silicon probe using UNM’s MTTC cleanroom facility.

Prerequisites: Senior or graduate standing in Engineering or any Physical Science, or permission of the instructor.

Instructor: Professor Jingkuang Chen,

Text: " Micromachined Transducers Sourcebook " by Gregory Kovacs.


ME 488/588 - Design and Manufacturing in Industry

Course will consist of one three-hour site visit per week, to local companies and laboratories, to examine design and manufacturing techniques. Each site visit will consist of a one-hour tutorial about the company or lab and its manufacturing methods. The tutorial is to be followed by a two-hour tour through the facility. A term paper, and at least two classroom presentations by the student are expected. Occasionally, additional lectures will be provided on a scheduled basis. No exams. Enrollment limited (12). Senior or Graduate status required. Transportation not provided. Regular Class Meeting: Wednesdays, 1:00 - 3:50 pm, at company sites.

Instructor: Prof. J. Wood, phone: 505-277-1325,

 J.R. Dixon and C. Poli, Engineering Design and Design for Manufacturing, 1995, Field Stone Publishers, Conway, MA (ISBN: 0-9645272-0-0).



ME 586 - Design for Manufacturability

It has been claimed that 80% of the ultimate cost to produce a product is the direct result of the design. In this course, we will explore various techniques that make a product design manufacturable. Topics will include design as part of the manufacturing process, concurrent engineering, quality measures, manual and robotic assembly techniques, materials and processes, rules for design, life cycle and environmental concerns, and tools that help to analyze and measure designs quantitatively. A significant component of the course is the project, specified and executed by a student team.

Instructor: Dr. Ron Lumia ME 319 tel: 272-7155 (office) email:



MGT-504 - Microeconomics for Managers

This is a course in microeconomics, which is the study of individual decision making in a world in which wants exceed available resources.


MGT - 506. Organizational Behavior and Diversity

Intensive examination of behavioral science research and theory as a basis for understanding, managing and changing organizations. The course emphasizes effective management with diverse individuals.


MGT 521 - Manufacturing Systems Management

An introduction to the principles and techniques necessary for the efficient design and operation of production and inventory planning, scheduling, and control systems. Topics include master planning, capacity management, inventory control, production activity control, JIT, MRP, and synchronous manufacturing.