NSF ATE PROJECT #98-50310/#01-01311

A consortium consisting of three universities and three community college systems in three contiguous states, each with semiconductor manufacturing as an economic backdrop, implemented a paradigm of “cross-training” technicians and engineers in the processes and methods of semiconductor manufacturing. The expectation was that “cross-training” technicians and engineers in academic settings, such that they better understand the roles and skill sets of each other, enhances their effectiveness as team members in real factory settings. The educational modules support cross-training exercises, cover basic semiconductor unit processes (e.g., diffusion) and their facility demands, design of experiments, and factory dynamics, from both technician and engineering perspectives.

The consortium has developed a suite of nine computer-based training modules to be integrated into factory-like labs and related courses for co-training of technicians and engineers. The CD-based modules cover lithography, metalization, design of experiments, etch, chemical vapor deposition, statistical process control, oxidation, thermal processing, and factory dynamics. The computer-based modules with their interactive schematic-based tool simulators and their statistical process control (SPC) and design of experiment (DOE) simulators allow the creation of exercises between technicians and engineers that “close the loop” on running a tool at chosen parameters in order to troubleshoot, correct, or improve a process. The text, animations, videos, interactive graphics, talking-heads, simulations, and exercises give technicians enhanced exposure to math and science, and give engineers enhanced exposure to machine (tool) operation issues. The multi-media modules can serve training and evaluation needs in real, mock, or virtual factory-like labs. Over 1,000 students have used the modules in classroom and laboratory training settings,

The participating organizations include the University of New Mexico, Central New Mexico Community College, Maricopa County Community College District, Austin Community College, Arizona State University, University of Texas-Austin, plus a curriculum consultant, an industrial advisory board, and industry partners. The project has been sponsored by the NSF ATE Program (Grants 98-50310 and 01-01311, from 1 July 1998 to 30 June 2004).

If any Community College with a Semiconductor Manufacturing Technology (SMT) Program is interested in viewing a sample CD, please contact J. Wood, at jw@unm.edu .

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