Safety and Emergency

The MTTC Cleanroom offers safety training prior to entry, depending on the level of use. For simple "aisle" tours, a review of emergency protocols is provided, but no exam is required. For "gown-up" tours, where users (students or other visitors) go into the cleanroom bays to observe tools up close, but do not perform any processing, a half-hour safety presentation is provided, but no exam is required. Users who will be doing any level of wafer processing, whether students, researchers or company users, will be expected to complete an on line safety tutorial including a written exam (a score of at least 80% is needed to gain access to the cleanroom).  

In addition to the above safety training requirements, the MTTC Cleanroom staff will provide specific operational and safety training on specific high-tech tools (e.g., sputtering, furnaces, DRIE, dicers). Users that are qualified on a specific tool are not to provide training to potential tool users. Users that have passed the appropriate general safety training are not to allow others into the cleanroom who have not passed the appropriate general safety training.

For safety training, contact the MTTC cleanroom manager: Dr. Matthias Pleil,