MEP - NanoFab Scheduling

Process for Using Calendar to Make Schedule

  • Step 1: Create gmail account (click here). If you already have a gmail account go to step 2. 
  • Step 2: Add "mepnanofab" calendar to your google calendar.

(Click here to go to the calendar and add mepnanofab calendar using the email:

Scheduling Event

  • Choose day and time in the calendar.
  • In "what" field enter Tool name- Your name.
  • Click create event.

List of Tools 

  • Wet Chemistry
    1. Acid Bench SCP
    2. Caustic Bench SCP KOH
    3. RCA clean bench SCP
    4. Spin Rinse Dryer Verteq
  • Deposition
    1. CVD Steed 6-stack
    2. Evaporator 18-wafer
    3. Sputtering AJA Intl RF/DC
  • Lithography
    1. Backside Aligner Karl-Suss MA-6
    2. Contact Aligner OAI
    3. Coater PR Brewer CEE
    4. Maskless Litho UV Smart Print
  • Thermal Processing
    1. Bake Oven Blue M
  • Etch
    1. DRIE Alcatel
    2. HF Etcher Idonus
    3. Ion Miller Veeco
    4. RIE March strip
  • Metrology, Test and Packaging
    1. CO2 Dryer Tousimis
    2. Dicer and Taper ADT
    3. LRC-CV meter Keithley
    4. Parylene Coater SCS
    5. Interferometer Nanospec
    6. Profilometer Dektak-8
    7. Desktop SEM Phenom
    8. Microscope Nikon